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With more than 25 years experience living and working in such countries as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, we provide a variety of media services.

Martyn's I.M.D.B. Profile

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Cover Story for Cinema Technology, March 2005

These include:

* Television news coverage (clients have included APTN, BBC World Service, NBC News, ABC News, ARD-German TV, HK-TVB, etc.)
* PAL format filming on Digital Betacam, Mini-DVCam, or DV
* Video production, and still photography

* Sound recording
* Scriptwriting, research, etc.
* South East Asia "Fixer" and/or Location Scout

* Southeast Asia photography and stock shots
* Southeast Asia video stock shots available
* Stock shot shooting assignments undertaken, digital or analogue
* Format conversions from Hi-8 to DV, VHS to DV, etc. (PAL only)

* Magazine feature articles, illustrated with photographs
* Writing projects -- including Technical Writing
* Commissioned as-told-to book authoring ("ghosting") and production
* Editing and rewriting of written materials in English as a first, or second language
* Areas of particular proficiency and interest: technology, computers, broadcasting, video, photography, telecommunications, travel, social science, anthropology, psychology, sociology
-- etc.

* Radio production
* Radio reports
* Radio interviewing

Partial List of Credits:

* Covered Asian (Indian Ocean) tsunami disaster rescue and relief operations for APTN in Thailand
* BBC World Service News cameraman in Vietnam and Cambodia
* Cameraman/soundman/editor for ARD German TV in Asia
* News cameraman for several American TV stations
* NBC News combat cameraman
* Assistant editor in British feature films 
* Taiwan-based line producer/cameraman for London's WTN, now APTN
* Taipei correspondent for London's Daily Telegraph
* Interviewer/reporter for Hong Kong's RTHK radio station
* Producer/presenter of weekly half-hour radio interview programme in Taipei
* Recently filmed two travel documentaries in the U.K. for DVD distribution

Martyn Green has interviewed countless fascinating people, from film stars, producers and directors to singers, musicians and magicians, from astro-physicists, anthropologists and psychologists to conductors, convicted art forgers and cosmologists, and from manufacturers of hi-tech computer parts to traders of everything from chains to cosmetics.  He once filmed a story on, and got an exclusive interview with, Hong Kong's former Governor, Sir Murray MacLehose.  Currently he writes an occasional column for the on-line Internet magazine, AnalogZone, (aimed exclusively at electronics industry professionals).

AnalogZone ezine URL's: 


February 2004, Vol 2, Issue 2: "Don't Touch That Dial"


28/04/05 First Tsunami article: Tsunami! Tsunami!    


16/05/05 Second Tsunami article: The Day After Christmas


18/10/05 Scottish TV: Weighing Up The Costs And Rewards


03/03/06 Taiwan's TTV: Facing The Technological Challenges Of Mobile TV -- Part 1.


30/04/06 Facing The Technological Challenges Of Mobile TV -- Part 2


28/11/06 New Formats In ENG Part 1: Taiwan's TVBS on Sony XDCam


22/02/07 New Formats In ENG Part 2: Taiwan's TVBS on Sony XDCam


07/08/07 South Korean IPTV: A profile of Hanaro Media's SVOD Service  

Partial List of Magazine Credits

SOME of the audio, video, broadcast, computer, travel, lifestyle, business and consumer publications written and/or photographed for in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, and Australia:

Asian Business, Asian Cable & Satellite World, Asian Computer Weekly, Asia Pacific Broadcasting, Audio Technology Asia-Pacific, Bangkok Post's Database, Broadcast Asia, Broadcast Engineering News, Business Travellers, Camcorder User, China Exporter, China Post, Cinema Technology, Computimes, ComputerWorld, Computrade, Digivision, Digital PhotoFX, Electronics Bulletin, European Computer Sources, Eurotrade Computer, Female, Frequent Traveller, Global Sources, Global Traveller, Her World, Home PC, Hong Kong Business, Hong Kong Standard, Image Technology, Interior Digest, International Broadcasting/Asia, Malaysian Star's In-Tech, Media & Marketing, Mobile Office, New Straits Times, On Line, PC Week, Photo Asia, Radio World International, Siam Trade, Signature, Singapore Airlines' Silver Kris, Singapore Tatler, South China Morning Post, Studio Sound, Trade & Travel, Traveller, Television Production & Technology Europe, Video Camera, Video Systems, What Camcorder, Your Computer, Zerb -- and so on. 
PLUS Arvutimaailm (Computerworld) in Estonia, and Win (computer) magazine, Greece.

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Cover shot for Image

Covering the Indian Ocean tsunami in southern Thailand, in TV Technology & Production, Feb/Mar 2005.


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