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Letters of Recommendation

(Signed originals/printouts available for inspection, but for reasons of data privacy, here the senders' email addresses have been deleted.)

Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 03:34:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: Daniel Fok
Subject: Letter of Recommendation
To: Martyn Green

Hi, Martyn. It's my pleasure working with you and having you come to Kaiping for a great two-week period. The letter of recommendation has sent out days ago. Let me resend my Letter of Recommendation.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that Mr. Martyn Green has conducted a series of English training lectures in our Summer Classes including Elementary, Junior, Senior and Adult classes from the period of Aug 10th to Aug 21st 2003 with tremendous success. Mr. Green is a well experienced teacher with respectability from all levels of students. His teaching skill and style is fabulous. We sincerely thank Mr. Green for his contribution to our school and we hope to have a continuing arrangement for his teaching in the next quarter.  We will strongly recommend Mr. Green in his other new teaching career.

Daniel Fok
B.Com., M.B.A
Headmaster of Canadian Qiao Yuan English School in Kaiping, China.


To: Martyn Green
Subject: Recommendation from HKUST
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 18:00:59 +0800 (HKT)
From: John Milton, HKUST

To Whom it May Concern,

This reference is written at the request of Mr Martyn Green.

Martyn taught CL3 (College of LifeLong Learning) English courses between August to December, 2002, and from January to May, 2003. This involved two hours of classroom teaching on Saturdays. He is currently teaching in the same program on a course which runs from 11/29/03-03/27/04.

Martyn is an effective English teacher who enlivens his lessons with his considerable experience as an international photojournalist. He is careful in his lesson preparation and takes pains to address the individual problems of his students.

I have found Martyn very reliable and do not hesitate to recommend him as an English language instructor.


John Milton (Dr)
Director, English language courses,
HKUST College of LifeLong Learning


Recommendation letter from Cora Ng, one of my private tuition students.

To Whom It May Concern

I am proud to recommend my English teacher, Martyn Green.

Martyn is a conscientious and responsible man. I have known him for over a year in Hong Kong. As a marketing manager, my job involves a lot of English writing and he always gives me positive advice and helps me improve my writing skill in English a great deal.

Martyn's experience of writing and editing always comes through in the teaching he gives to me.

During his time in our classes, Martyn who, as I'm sure you know, is an excellent writer, has also done a good deal of work besides his teaching.  This has included the text for many of our public relations brochures and packets, website contents, internal marketing plans and essentially any correspondence which I have requested that he compose. The feedback is always overwhelmingly positive, and he has done so much in that way for my work.

Always, in his work, Martyn is consistent, dedicated and passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for any capacity in which he can spread his excitement and share his talents with others. And, knowing Martyn, he will not disappoint, and will probably even exceed your expectations.

Thank you for the opportunity to recommend such a special and impressive man.

Yours sincerely,

Cora, Hung Wa Ng
Marketing Manager
International Credit Management Consultancy Ltd.



From: Patty Au
DATE: 13-01-03 6:44 PM

Dear Martyn and Lily of HKUST,

I'm a former student of this course.  I think the Saturday afternoon tutorial is worthwhile and helpful.  I think it's not easy to arouse Chinese students to speak in front of the new class especially in Hong Kong.  Why?  It's because they are shy! 

But it helped me develop more confidence to use the English learned, especially in spoken English.  I enjoyed the tutorial sessions because they were interesting and challenging.

We had to prepare the speech every Saturday in given subject or chose other topics if we liked.  We acted out role play in different scenarios such as landlord and tenant.

In my opinion, it will be great regret if I don't attend the Saturday tutorial, that's why I was never absent from the class.

Patty Au


From: Vanessa Kwok
DATE: 14-01-03 12:16 PM

RE: Tutorial class is helpful!


The tutorial classes provide not only good listening practice, but also practice in speaking in front of non-native speakers, so you can overcome your nervousness.



From: Tom Liu
DATE: 14-01-03 8:47 PM

Dear Mr. Green,

I'd like to thank you for your suggestions about my speaking skills in English because those suggestions were really helpful.

I really enjoyed the tutorial sessions because they were challenging, and the topics in every session were interesting. 

Besides that, the tutorial classes provide not only good listening practice, but also good speaking practice in front of an audience, which helped me overcome my nervousness.

Thank you!

Tom Jing-Zhi Liu


Comments from feedback forms, returned by students in HKUST's tutorial class:

"I think the course was interesting and helpful, and it is worth to attend the lesson every week.  I enjoyed it, and rate the class very good."

"Very interesting, and quite helpful -- I enjoyed it.  The class was very good."

"I needed to think about and organize the speech for each lesson, so it forced me to think more about English usage."

"A very interesting and very helpful course -- I will encourage my friends to study here.  I learned a lot from the course, and made a real improvement."

"Quite interesting.  And the tutor is kind and willing to help."

"Quite helpful -- a good way to enhance one's English ability."

"Very interesting and a helpful class.  I enjoyed it, and felt it was useful to have everyone make speeches each week."

Of course, there are no names after the seven quotes above, as all the feedback forms were anonymous.  However, "Original testimonials may be inspected."

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